Communication Unit

FUNDASUR actively participates in the development of the activities arranged by the Scientific and  Government Public Sectors, persuaded  that they occupy a primary place for the progress of society.  The Foundation, as the depositary institution of the tenure of the property called “Casa Coleman” (CONICET – FUNDASUR Agreement), has a place of reference in Bahía Blanca. This allows  to organize different types of activities. Thus, FUNDASUR acts as an NGO at the service of the scientific system and regional development, providing support both from the technical aspect and from human and physical resources that facilitate the development of events, such as exhibitions, conferences, dissemination days, and work meetings.

FUNDASUR is registered as a “Civil Society Organization” (CSO) of the National Center for Community Organizations (CENOC). The CENOC integrates the structure of the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation, and was created to promote the participation of CSOs in the management of public policies, generating institutional spaces of articulation between the State, Civil Society and the Business Sector, with a focus on human and social development.

Additionally, the Ministry of Production, Science and Technological Innovation of the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires has launched a Tourism and Cultural Catalog of the Province of Buenos Aires that seeks to create a registry of all spaces and establishments in both areas to enhance them. FUNDASUR has registered Casa Coleman in this catalog, and this same action has been done for the catalog of the Municipality of Bahía Blanca. Since the signing of the agreement with the Municipality of Bahía Blanca (MBB), the Foundation has put casa Coleman into service to this municipality, to carry out meetings of different kinds (Production Area,  Human Capital, Modernization and Open Government, Environmental Management and Tourism). As part of the agreement with the Municipality of Bahía Blanca, it continues to provide the interior and exterior cleaning service of the house.

Likewise, since the opening of Casa Coleman, the scientific and academic sector has valued and given use to this space, to carry out numerous activities related to the transfer of knowledge and technology. It has hosted scientists and university professors of the highest international level, to publicize the latest advances in their subjects, hold conferences,  or give discussion talks. At the same time, complementary activities have been carried out to congresses or conferences organized by different institutes of the CCT CONICET – BB.